Sunday, September 30, 2007

I´ll start with today and work backwards... easier my tired brain

So today. We went to a BBQ at Cris and Arturos, fun.. I ate way tooo much. But I actually participated in the conversation for a little bit.. mostly talking about exchange, and differences between Canadian and Brasilian culture, stuff like how at home I do my own laundry, .. do dishes (ok I load the dishwasher.. my actual dish washing skills are lacking, I won´t lie), clean my own bathroom (on ocasion), work, and I´m (at least compared to the Brasilian 18 year olds I know) very independent. Kids here (well in the upper class... here its really.. the have and the have-nots... so the haves is who i live with, and know.. minus the maid.. etc) have maids, who do everything but dress them in the morning. Everyone was saying that Brasilian kids would have a hard time not having that, I don´t think they would... you just get used to it. Like I´ve gotten used to doing very minimal cleaning. We also talked about my trip I´m taking at the end of October.

This morning I asked my mom if my Mexican friend Vianey could stay over friday night, and she said yes, so Friday Vianey is going to come over after school, we´ll do.. something, and then Saturday we´re going to go to the beach! I´m going to try and get a proper brasilian bikin (top atleast) so I can get rid of some of the tan lines I have going on..

Yesterday, we went to the beach, one I hadn´t been to before, it was gorgeous!

Me prentending I´m a surfer at the beach yesterday. Hopefully in the summer I´ll take some surf lessons, and learn how to do that :) I´ve always wanted to, and now I have a chance!


my host dad and host sister

Friday we went and looked into Portuguese classes, which I´m going to start on Tuesday, I´m excited. I think its not so much that I can´t, its that I lack confidence, so hopefully this will help.

Wednesday was *dia de ciencias* all the classes from.. the Canadian equiavlent of grade 5 and up did presentations, my classes was on Global warming,

Dudo( a nickname.. I don´t no his actual name opps), Bruno, me, and Tais

Lu, me and Carol

All the girls in my class... I can´t dance, hence my lack of a skirt

Ivandro and I

Rest of the pictures from dia de Ciencias here

Dia de Sciences

and thats pretty much all thats happened recently, thats worth reporting. Here are some random pictures from... a few different things

Me, and host mom- the day my host brother (igor) left for Mexico, she was very sad

Me a bunch of Igors friends (who I didn´t/ don´t really know) and Igor, right before he left.. i think my red blazer kills his blue blazer.. blue is so over used.. lol

Me and a guy I go to school with whose name I don´t know (I´m really bad with names, here at least, and a lot of people just start talking to me because they know my name... you are known as an exchange student)

My trip is all booked and payed for. I leave on the 28th of October, and get back the 5th of November, I´ll also be moving families over that time. I finish school on the 13th of November, I´m excited for that. I´m going to see if in early December, or late January if I can get down to Itabuna to visit my friends there, or maybe go visit kids I meet on the Pantanal trip, so I can see other parts of Brasil, which would be really exciting, and cool.

So thats all to report from brasil! I´m going to buy some postcards this week, and get them off soon, I have adresses for a bunch of people... if your not sure I have yours email it to me at sheila(dot)elizabeth(at)gmail(dot)com and I´ll send you one too! and remember to check out the first post and find out how you can text me, and then text me!! It makes me happy :) as well comment here, just to let me kno your reading, thanks :)



Monday, September 17, 2007

Excellent relaxing weekend down here in Bahia.

Saturday I did a whole lot of nothing, well actually I walked, but I´ll get into that after.

Sunday was awesome. We went to a beach, up past Praia de Forte (about an hour north of here) it was gorgeous... we went to the Tamar project, where they resuce tutrles, and save turtle eggs... so beautiful! and then we went to a beach in another town, and by town I do mean a very small little hamlet of paradise. It was great, the water was so warm, lkike taking a bath.. which was nice, because our shower has not had hot water for about 3 weeks... I like my cold showers as much as the next person, and I think i read somewhere cold showers make you live longer.. but at this junction in time.. I´m down with a shorter life for a warm shower... for now..

So Walking.. well I´ve resigned to walking to combat this weight gain thing.. its not much but its something. I walk about 3 kms, everyday, just around condimiums where I live.. think Midnight Express except with more sun, less Turkush prison, and I have an MP3 player...where as Billy Hayes did not.

Pictures from our beach trip!


Tchau Tchau from Brasil!


Thursday, September 13, 2007

Sheila is going on a trip! At the end of next month I´m headed to the Pantanal. Its looking amazing, I´m soo excited, I can´t even describe.

Things have been ok here.. nothing to exciting, I´ve met all of the other intercambista in Lauro de Freitas now, they´re all super nice. In October we´re going to Salvador for the interact forum, I´m looking forward to it, we´ll get to see all the other intercambista from the district again, and Natalie, my friend from floria, who is living in Itabuna is going to lend my the 7th Harry potter Book... mostly I´m going to read it because I´ve read all the other ones, and why stop there...

I´ll try and get some pictures up this weekend, you can always check out my picasa site though, which can be found here <--Click



Thursday, September 6, 2007

I went for a walk around my condiminum complex a few days ago.. the pictures I took are here -->
Walking Tour

Its nice here, thought I´d share that. Things are good here, tomorrow is Independence Day here, so no school. Most families are travelling but we aren´t... BBQ and the beach I think is what we have planned.. fun!!

I´ll try and update sometime this weekend.

Hope everyone is well


Saturday, September 1, 2007

went to an Axé (a-shay) show last night, lots of fun. Here are some pictures

I tihnk its fairly clear who is not Brasilian...

Big update tomorrow...

Soo on to my weekend, thus far at least.

Yesterday school= blah, we watched a movie *under the surface* espoisá d´agua in portuguese I think. It was ok, english subtitles>>>>>life lol.

Show was great fun.. fun Carnival-esque music, people really like to party here, so it was great! Hopefully we´ll go to more, it cost $R25 about $15 canadaian.. but it was worth it. Negra Cor was the band, it was at Bahia cafe hall.

Today we went to the beach.. my thighs are sunburned, I can feel it under my jeans... ewwy feeling... I´ll put some aloe on them later. It was fun, I ate cashews (which are huge here) freshly roasted. Yum. and fried cheese, also surpringly good, and had a drink with pineapple, it was sooo good.

This week we´re going a project at school... it involes us getting shirts... This week is also like mid-terms, so the exchange students get to leave at like 10am, cause we´re to cool to write exams. Friday is also a holiday, something about an independence Day... I´m not sure.. apperently people travel, but don´t think we´re going anywhere... maybe the beach

Well Time for bed!

Tchau Tchau!