Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas is differnt here. I can't really explain, but click the link below to see picture proof!

My Mom (Elaine), Dad (Cassio) and Aunt (Lucelia)

Cassio and I

Me, My Uncle (Cleison), Celia and Cassio

My Aunt (Linda) and Elaine

Cassio, Cleison, Celia, Lau, Sergio

Cleison and I

Sergio and Saulo

Saulo, Felipe, João, Linda

Celia, Tais and I


Celia and I

Tati, Dona Estella, Me, Cassio, Senhor Jorge,... our Neighbour

Elaine as Santa... ICE ICE ICE

Elaine and I

De novo.. I have no idea what we were laughing at

Elaine, me and Linda

So christmas was fun... different, but fun. My parents called which was nice.. at like 2am here time. It was nice to talk to them.

here are some pictures from exciting things we also did this week

Clesion, Linda, Me, Tais, Tati, Alle

Elaine, Tais, Celia

Tati, Debora, Lau, Random, Elaine, Linda

Sergio e Saulo... ahh Brothers

Alle, Tati, celison, Celia, Elaine, Linda, Me

Gatinho! ha I kid I kid, Saulo

Celia, Tais, Elaine, Tati, Senhor Jorge, Me

Happy New Years, Feliz Ano Novo, and all the best in 2008. Thanks for reading!


Monday, December 17, 2007

New pictures from the farm and BANDA EVA!


Linda, eu, Elaine

Women... whos names I don't no, But I think one is also Sheila, Linda, Senhor Jorge, Me, Elaine, Tati, Thais

More at my picasa site -> Here

Things have been exciting here, I need to you know.. start my christmas shopping... perhaps. It doesn't feel like Christmas at all.. which sort of makes me sad.

We're going to a show on the 23rd I'm really excited forso look for more pictures around then!



Monday, December 3, 2007

Awesome week here in Brasil! Amazing in fact.

Tuesday I went to an Olodum concert with Elaine, Carol, Marcella (friend of Carol), Betty (mother of Marcella), Lucelia (Elaines sister). It was amazing! I don't have any pictures because only Marcella had her camera, but I'm going to try to get them.

Wednesday we went to a Banda Eva concert. It was release for a DVD. The lead singer, Saulo lives across the street and is friends with Elaine e Cassio, so we were backstage, which was awesome, great view. The concert was AMAZING, I love Brasilian music. It was great to be on the inside of the fence while all the screaming fan girls were on the outside. Hilarity. The best part was when Senhor Jorge (Saulos father) wasn't allowed through the gate, so he climber it, sharp-pointy-stay out things and all.. it was classic!

Friday was Carols birthday party. It was a big affair. I helped with the cooking and stuff, mostly dish washing, because (compared to Brasilian kids) I have intense dish washing skills (which, as my mother well knows is not saying very much) The party itself was awesome, Saulo e Sergio (Saulos brother, singer of Chica Fé) both played, which was great, and there was lots of dancing. Brasilian adults have no quams about dancing with the kids, very different then Canada for sure.

Saturday was party recovery, I went to the beach in the afternoon with Elaine, Cassio and my Tio Cleison. it was lots of fun. I got a (henna) tattoo, so did Elaine. I also attempted roller blading on Saturday, which resulted in large amounts of road rash (right leg, left arm and hands), and a nice big gash on my leg, it pretty sweet, guys dig chicks with scars, no? Brasil, well the whole exchange thing has been ruff on my legs, first there was orentation and the swimming+rock incident and then the falling and now this... my legs are not pretty ha.

Sunday I did interviews for next years exchange students, which was long. A few amazing kids, a few good kids, only a few mediocre... they all had to speak english, so obviosuly I was great for that part, and I did ok in portuguese to.

Today not much is going on, I'm probably just going to stay home, and work on scholarship essays, fun I know. Tonight I may go to interact I'm not sure. This week I'm not really sure whats up. I think Wednesday we're going to another Banda Eva show, I do believe IVETE SANGALO(!!!!!!!) will be there, shes my favorite (ok second favorite) brasilian artist, her music was first introduced to me my second night in Brasil when I went to a dinner party with Iris and Luiz, and spoke no portuguese so I ended up watching a DVD of one of her concerts for like 2 hours. Ya I'm jazzed for that.

Now pictures!

natalie, maria and I


Igreja (chruch) de Bonfim

Inside the church

Lembrance de Senhor de Bonfim

Sunset in Salvador


me, Tine, e Vianey

maria and I rocking our super cool blazers.

Maria and I by the pool

Farrol de Barra (lighthouse in salvador)

maria, Katarina, Lana, and I

Maria, Vianey, e I

Meus Pais são MUITO legal (my parents are very cool)

BIA! Soo cute!

Elaine and I

Eliane, Nelson, Lucas and I

Elaine and I

tattoos!!!!!!! henna of course

Bia and I

I made a balloon dog! what talent!

meninas (Yasmine, Paulina, e Marcella)

Lili e Carol

Carol and I

Yasmine, me and carol, minha irãms aqui no Brasil!!


Meninas e meninos

Tatiana e Sergio

Dance Dance! (l-r)Me, Eliane e Linda

minha Mãe!

Familia, Elaine, Carol, Cassio

Carol e Saulo

Elaine e Lucelia

Lucelia, Marcinho, Elaine e Cassio

Iris and I

my mother.. a bartender?

Linda e Elaine


Saulo, João, Felipe, João Vitor, e Lucas (my brother) they're so famous!

Todo mundo

See I was on the inside!

Linda, me, Elaine, Juliana, Tati and an other girl whose name I can't remember

Senhor Jorge, before he climbed the fence

me and Sergio

Wow that was long!

Otherwise, Christmas here, weird, the whole holiday sprit for me just isn't working.... oh well theres always next year!