Saturday, March 8, 2008

Things are good in Brasil. Here are some new pictures of the last few weeks.


The three exchange students at my school, Anika, Katharina (both from Germany) and myself. It was Katharinas birthday... I made her a cake :)

At Katharinas *surprise* birthday party. Tine, Vianey, Anika, me, Katharina

I spent last Saturday wandering around Salvador so here a few of those pictures... it was sort of a shitty day (it started raining), but it cleared up in the afternoon (after I left the historic center)

The elevador

Cross and Baiana

Typical Pelo arcitecture


I just thought this was cool.. I passed it as I was walking from o cidade alto (high city.. on top of the hill) to o cidade baixo (the low city, on the water.) Normally people take the elevador (see above) or the... train thingy, but I walked.. not a good idea, unless you speak portuguese, and are familiar with Brasil.. tourists be warned!

another fountain... pelo is very historic-y

Marcedo Modelo, Craft market, you can get tons of cool stuff there.. it used to be the slave market back in the day...

Looking down to Marcedo Modelo, and out of the bay

On the bus in Pituba

On the bus again, Ave. Sete

Rio Vermelho

A cool statue on the coast in Rio Vermelho, I thought it was pretty.

More Rio Vermelho

More photos are at my other picasa site, because my first one ran out of space...

My friend Ashleigh went back to New Zealand this week, it was really sad. She helped me out a lot in the last few months, taking me out, and showing me around, and introducing me to tons of awesome people. I miss her lots!

The next few weeks I'm not doing much, school, beach usual Brasilian stuff. The 5th of May I'm off to the Amazon for 10 days, and then the 28th of May I'm going to São Paulo to spend a few days with a friend, and then June 2 I'm leaving! Its so far away, but at the same time so soon, so I want to make as much of the time I have left here... we'll see how that goes.

This afternoon its looking like some quality beach time with some of the other girls here in Lauro de Freitas, which should be good.

Just makes getting it easier..but any address for me in Brasil you have is probably good


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