Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Next Adventure

Well looks like my next adventure is just around the corner. In April or May I will be heading to Cambodia through a program at my university. I will be working at a university in Cambodia which NSAC is involved with. I will be travling over with another undergrad and some faculty, I think it is going to be an amazing experience, and I am super excited!

Right now I'm filling out the forms to get my passport renewed, and learning about the orentation program that I can take part in through the goverment agency which is sponsoring the program.

Watch this space for updates, and of course pictures in the coming months!



Franco said...

You are so lucky to travel around the world ! I wish I couuld be like you !

Anonymous said...

have a great time in cambodia. this country is a very special place, i'll be back there again next year.