Sunday, November 25, 2007

It's hot in Brasil. Right now I wish I was somewhere cold, I was not built for this heat. It's simple when it's cold... and extra sweater, 3 pairs of socks and a extra duvet and your good. When its hot, there is no escape.

Also South American water... I'm fairly sure its making me sick... not like gross sick ala Domincan Republic Feb 2007, but sick... I don't no, I always feel a little off, it bugs me.

conference was good, tons of pictures at my picasa site, so check that out. I've been to the beach a few days this week and Friday is my new host sisters birthday so I need to get her something, I'm thinking a picture frame because they're easy and then a picture of us, oh how creative. I think Vianey will come as well which will be nice, its going to be a discotech. Birthday parties in brasil are not something undertaken lightly, even for the younger ones, i was at a party for Kevin and Nikki (Sons of Alle and Tati) yesterday 3 and 6, there must have been 60+ people. I guess its a little different because we live in a condimnium complex, so its not like you can't invite people, but still.. a DJ, trampoline, the works, lots of fun.

Time to go sleep a little.. my stomach is not happy with my current vertical state. remember to send mail!


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