Wednesday, November 7, 2007

So Pantanal and Bonito 07!

Amazing! Honestly best week of exchange so far.

Started on the 28th. Left here at like 6am to Brasília and then from Brasília to Belo Horizonte. Christine and I were met at the airport by Thiago, and then he took us to a hotel where we hung out for the afternoon. We went shopping, Bianey, christine, Meds and I, which was fun. Met an American guy, had lunch with him, it was nice. I went back after they went to McDonald's, I was sort of tired, and needed some alone time; although I left sort of like a loser. I showered, it was raining really hard I love walking in the rain.. well running but anyway, and it was soo nice to have about 2 hours to myself. Other intercambistas arrived, and at about 10pm we left on the Bus. We made some stops over the night, I slept, and was sort of half awake for them. Didn´t eat until lunch the next day. and at about 8 we arrived in Campo Grande, where we spent the night, and all the other exchange students arrived. We left the next morning for the Pantanal, arrived there at like 3. We blew 2 tires on the way, and I bought "Armani" sunglasses for $R15... like $8US haha. Went Pariah fishing which was fun. and then dinner, good times. Swimming, and a little party after dinner.

Next day (this is.. Tuesday I think?) Went horse back riding! Sooo much fun! I´ve never done it before, it was amazing though. After went swimming and then lunch, after lunch we went trekking, which was cool. Another little festa and then a BBQ for dinner. I also went on a night safri which was fun. Last day in Pantanal we went on a safri, saw a leopard which was insanely cool (see my pictures) and after lunch headed off to Bonito. Sat with clare from Pantnal to Miranda and with Conny from miranda to Bonito. Had dinner in Bonito, with Conny,Annie, and Nora.. which was great.. Two Canadian guys ordered beer, ended up getting sent home (to their cities..well towns.. actually what in Canada would be a village, here in brasilm, not to canada, as far as I know), stupid kids. I also saw my friend Maria, from Germany in Bonito, she was there with another tour company and Clovis our district inbound cordinator, which was cool.

Went to a waterfall place for the mroning, the bus broke down again so we didn´t do what we were going to do in the afternoon. After that went home;..well to the hotel, went into bonito for dinner, Clare, Ray and I went to a convience store and bought snacks for the bus... including Oreo like cookies, called BlackPower!!! lol we all got a laugh, and we bought Jello, and water, and took our picture with tons of stuff, including beer and the store clerk lol.. good times. Ate pizza for dinner, and then desert pizza (bannana cinnamin) sooo good! After that took pictures, and went back to the hotel, we could have stayed another hour, but we didn´t really have anything to do so clare ray and a few other and I went back.

Next day went snorkelling, which was awesome, the water was really blue, because of the magnesium, and it was soo unbelivabley clear, I don´t have any pictures, cause I didn´t get a chance to buy the CD, but it was amazing. After we went rafting, which was also amazing. I was in a boat with McBrasilian (our Doctor... I spenmt for ever trying to come up with a McName for him and thats all I got), Ray, Clare, Christina, James, turkey, a few others, I´ll have pictures of it soon (claire and I bought the CD and shes going to mail it to me this week), but ya... amazing!!! After went back and then to a resturant for a talent show and party.. Clare Ray and I rapped, it was pretty awesome, I´ll upload it to youtube tomorrow haha ridiculous! Fun night

Next day we went to the Blue Lake caves.. again Magnesium= blue water, pretty cool. After that lunch in bonito and then on to the bus... I sat with Connie and Hector, how were totally making out.. akward? i think so. Anway...sad to see everyone leave. Got tro Belo Horozonite and chilled at the airport, my flight got changed, so I ended up going via Rio instead of Brasília. Got home at 12:40.. so tired.

Spent today and yesterday at home. I´m moving families on Friday/Saturday which is exciting!

Today I went into Vilas, paid off my debt, sent a package to my parents for Christmas, bought a dress for a 15th birthday (its like 16 in Canada.. but more like My super sweet 16 on MTV), and two new shirts, as well as a birthday present for above mentioned Maria, and a Razor... because disposibles just aren´t cutting it.. parden the pun.

pictures here
beijos por todo mundo!


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