Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas is differnt here. I can't really explain, but click the link below to see picture proof!

My Mom (Elaine), Dad (Cassio) and Aunt (Lucelia)

Cassio and I

Me, My Uncle (Cleison), Celia and Cassio

My Aunt (Linda) and Elaine

Cassio, Cleison, Celia, Lau, Sergio

Cleison and I

Sergio and Saulo

Saulo, Felipe, João, Linda

Celia, Tais and I


Celia and I

Tati, Dona Estella, Me, Cassio, Senhor Jorge,... our Neighbour

Elaine as Santa... ICE ICE ICE

Elaine and I

De novo.. I have no idea what we were laughing at

Elaine, me and Linda

So christmas was fun... different, but fun. My parents called which was nice.. at like 2am here time. It was nice to talk to them.

here are some pictures from exciting things we also did this week

Clesion, Linda, Me, Tais, Tati, Alle

Elaine, Tais, Celia

Tati, Debora, Lau, Random, Elaine, Linda

Sergio e Saulo... ahh Brothers

Alle, Tati, celison, Celia, Elaine, Linda, Me

Gatinho! ha I kid I kid, Saulo

Celia, Tais, Elaine, Tati, Senhor Jorge, Me

Happy New Years, Feliz Ano Novo, and all the best in 2008. Thanks for reading!


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