Wednesday, January 2, 2008

While I sit and try not to get eaten my mosquitos (they are out of control here!!) here are photos from Reveillion

(ha can someone.. Taylor??... photoshop some new eyes on me.. cause this would be a really nice photo...)

(umm wtf.. can I have a new smile photoshopped on this one???)

I have priceless faces in photos with/about drag queens I won't lie

Lately its just been a lot of going to the beach.

I'm reading Pride and Prejudice.. in english. because it was about $5 reais more to buy it in portuguese... and I was feeling cheap. I'll go back and get it in portuguese though. I think it'll be easier to read then in english, as the one I have is the unabridged version, and is in the old english.... its difficult. Saulo tried to read it today and was like.. nope. good times

Time to go hide from mosquitos and work on scholarship essays.



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