Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Not much exciting news to report, So I figured I'd post some Brasilian music for you all to enjoy. These are a few of my favorites songs, and singers.

Rua 15- Banda Eva
Bia, my host sister loves this. I've seen this clip more times then I can count in portuguese, so many we wore out the DVD... ridiucolous. Zumalaicara is Saulos alterego.

Toda Linda- Banda Eva
One of my favorite songs, I don't know why I just really like it.

Não Preciso Mudar- Saulo e Ivete
My favorite song from Brasil! Ivete is one of the most popular singers in Brasil, she used to be the lead singer of Banda Eva, back in the day (Banda Eva has been around for about 25 years, with various lead singers, many of who are still popular here)

Humm this is clip is the same, but from festival de verão... to give you an idea of just how far away I was I wasn't entirely sure if it was saulo singing with here, because could really hear or see... 50,000+ people!

Chica Fé- Vou Trocar Meu Colar Pra Um Beijo
One of my favorite groups, they don't do orginal music, which is common here, but Sergio, the singer is Saulos brother, and we went to a lot of their shows, and I really like them.

Cachaça- Ivete Sangalo
An awesome song, one I know the words to. Cachaça is a type of alcohol, she is talking about that and carnival. I was actually at this show.. although at the very back.. and I could barely see her... but I was there! This is a song that is done but pretty much all the Axé artists in Brasil.

I'll add more later, its lunch time now!

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