Saturday, May 3, 2008

and the countdown is on

Only 28 days.

28 days to surf, travel, dance and just enjou Brasil.

I'm leaving for a trip to the amazon on Monday, and I'll be away until the 15th of May. After that I have a few days here, and then the 22nd- 25th is the District conference for Rotary here... after the the 26th I'll pack, and the 27th at 13:52 I'm outta here. I'll be in Sao Paulo for a few days, (27-30) and then May 30th, I'm gone.

I'm really excited for this trip! It should be lots of fun. Tomorrow Tine and I are going to go shopping, and make sure we have snacks, and stuff, we have 8 hours in Sao Paulo on Monday, so we'll need food.. and lojas americanas is cheaper then airport food...

This week was pretty good.. we had a holiday so I spent a day doing nothing.. which was nice. Thursday I went to a show (Asa de Aguia, a big show to mark 20 years of the band) with Tine, Susanne and Kelsey (*boyfriend* of Susanne) it was soooo much fun. Ivete was there, so obviously I was happy.

I think I'll head to the pool later.. read, listen to music...except my mp3 player is in my purse at Tines.... tan.. I need to get good and dark before I head home.

I visited Rachael Wednesday after school, because I missed her and a package arrived there for me (yay Wendy!) Kraft Dinner, Hot Chocolate, magazine, hair bands, and a cadet lapel pin... haha only Wendy

Anyway.. pictures of my visit below

One is me and Rachaels son Daniel, he is 6 weeks old!
One is some of my students and I
and the third is Rachael and I with the Real English sign.. and me rocking my school shirt.. werd.

Well I have some scholarshp stuff to get done.. and soon, very soon I do believe it is LUNCH TIME... mumm foood :D


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