Wednesday, April 23, 2008

April showers, bring May flowers

Well April has been an exciting month!

I started surfing this month (I'll try and get pictures tomorrow) and am doing ok.. I'm not amazing, but I manage to stand up, and ride the waves, for a little while anyway (note to self, throw more weight forward and stay lower)

I went to a formatura (graudation party, sort of like prom) last weekend with Flavia, Tine, and Vianey, it was lots of fun.

This past weekend was a holiday weekend. Friday was the formatura, Saturday I went to a birthday party with my parents, and Flavia, and after we went to a movie. Sunday we went to Praia de Forte to visit a friend of theirs, and Monday, relaxed.

School has been normal.. nothing to special

I talked to Thais today and we were planning for my stay in Sao Paulo, I have tickets booked now, only 5 more weeks! Its going to be awesome! I leave here the 27th of May, and leave Sao Paulo the 30th and get home the 31st... not so far away.

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