Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Well its been a while since I updated here... I did mean to do it more, but ahh I get side tracked.

Partys partys partys.... (last) Saturday was a BBQ with ex-intercambistas back for Heathers wedding, Sundays was Igor and Larissas going away party and Mondays was in Salvador, it was someones birthday party. The power was out pretty much the entire time, which was unfortunate... I had a nice chat with Susan, and her host sister, as well as Larissa. I met two of the other inbounds at the parties (Susanne from Canada (BC) and Joel from Germany)

Igor (host brother) left last week, so he´s off in Mexico now.

Got lots of info this weekend on the trips I can go on this year, one to the Amazon is a about 150$ more but seems a lot better, you get 5 nights on a boat in the amazon (plus 4 nights in a hotel) and sleep on hammocks on the boats, and get to keep the hammocks and make jewelry... I´ll send you the email it looks AMAZING!!! Also there is a trip to Macchu Pichu! Its like $2000 though (US) but seriously how cool would that be.. although I´d love to go by myself, like back pack around south America in a few years, and be able to do it my way... but the tour looked really cool... lots of things that´d be hard to do on your own.. its only like 8 days though (plus two travel days...

we went whale watching Sunday. I was mad sea sick.. it was very unpleasant,... 50ft little "Schooner" type deal maybe a 1.5 meter hull... it was a little sketchy.. 2-3 meter waves... not fun. Saw some whales though, just the dorsal fins and some blows, but it was cool.. minus the insane vomiting part... not so fun.

Went to Rotary in the yesterday (which meant I ate two dinners). It was good, met my councillor he doesn´t see there being anything wrong with me volunteering at the English school so that´ll hopefully work out. I´m also going to go build houses with Rotaract which I´m very excited for. Some Canadians are coming down from London (Ont. not England) so that´ll be nice! I´m super excited, and Heather will be there, shes really cool (Canadian who came here on exchange a few years ago and is now married to a Brasilian).

onto the

Canadian Girlies at the beach

Susanne thought her flip-flop had floated out to sea.. but I found it on the beach after taking this picture

Natlie (from Florida) and I

Mila, our Rotex president

Susanne, myself .. blah I do not photograph well

Andrea and I (she is also canadian

Joel, Myself and Susanne

Sea Turtle

Canadian Girls standing by a whale.. statue

Lu and I wearing the same shirt (I didn´t get it.. to expensive.. like $R35 my dress was only $R28 (divide by 2 for US/CDN$..ish)

Girlies at dinner


Shirt #1

Shirt #2

Dress... It was like $16 CDN! Score!!

there are more I could post.. but honestly I´m lazy.. I´ll get around to it, in the near-ish future.. also if you´re on facebook, a lot can be found there:)

Tchau Gentes!


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