Sunday, July 29, 2007

Big post tomorrow, heres some pictures of my trip into Salvador yesterday, well two days ago now...



so you´re wondering whats new in the life of everyones favorite Brazilian Exchange Student (Brasilian Intercambista.. if you will) Well the answer not to much..

Went to a BBQ with a bunch of ex-intercambistas last night, and met one of the other inbounds for the district, joel He is from germany. It was nice. He´s pretty cool, but sort of tired, His hostfam couldn´t come get him (his city/town is a few hours from here) so he´s chillin in Vilas for a few days, well until after Orentation.

Today (I think) there is a party for Igor, he leaves this week. THis morning we went to an Interact thing and planted what hopefully will grow into Palm trees, and we planted some other flowers which we got to bring home (in sawed off water bottles)

Weather here has been what is apperently typical Brasilian winter weather (in the north) so there has been more rain then there was over my first few weeks, and its sort of chilly (I have a long slevve shirt on right now :o!

well back to watching Pan-Am games, right now equerstrian stuff.. the Canadian guy isn´t doing so well (Ian Miller) but the Canadian who went before did really well so thats good.... its only canadians and Brazilians in the final... so far as I can tell... geee wonder who I´m cheering for...

Tchua for now


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