Thursday, October 25, 2007

I can´t believe how long I´ve been here. Sometimes it feels like I haven´t been in Nova Scotia in forever, but right now, I feel like I just arrived.

My portuguese is coming, I just finihsed a month long course, and now I can talk queit a bit, not as much as I´m like, but still, pretty good since 4 months ago I spoke none.

Things here are good, lots of friends.. sort of, not like real friends, its hard because I can´t really talk to them very well, but better then nothing.

Last weekend I went to a club in Salvador, it was wonderful! No drinking, of course. But dancing and such, lots of fun! I don´t have any pictures, but next time. Here you only have to be 18 to go to the clubs, yay for being the oldest intercambista in the Lauro de Freitas... it has finally turned out to be a good thing!

On Sunday I leave for my trip to the Pantanal, which I´m really excited for. Vianey, and a german girl in Salvador, Christine, are going as well. I still need to get some stuff, snacks for the flights + hours long wait in Brasilia, and maybe a couple new pairs of shorts, but I´m not sure.

I sent postcards out to a ton of people a few weeks ago; I hope they get to everyone! the Brasilian postal system isn´t always great.

I´ll do a big update after the trip with lots of pictures (taken with my spiffy new camera!)

Tchau and Beijos from Brasil


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