Monday, September 17, 2007

Excellent relaxing weekend down here in Bahia.

Saturday I did a whole lot of nothing, well actually I walked, but I´ll get into that after.

Sunday was awesome. We went to a beach, up past Praia de Forte (about an hour north of here) it was gorgeous... we went to the Tamar project, where they resuce tutrles, and save turtle eggs... so beautiful! and then we went to a beach in another town, and by town I do mean a very small little hamlet of paradise. It was great, the water was so warm, lkike taking a bath.. which was nice, because our shower has not had hot water for about 3 weeks... I like my cold showers as much as the next person, and I think i read somewhere cold showers make you live longer.. but at this junction in time.. I´m down with a shorter life for a warm shower... for now..

So Walking.. well I´ve resigned to walking to combat this weight gain thing.. its not much but its something. I walk about 3 kms, everyday, just around condimiums where I live.. think Midnight Express except with more sun, less Turkush prison, and I have an MP3 player...where as Billy Hayes did not.

Pictures from our beach trip!


Tchau Tchau from Brasil!


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