Sunday, September 30, 2007

I´ll start with today and work backwards... easier my tired brain

So today. We went to a BBQ at Cris and Arturos, fun.. I ate way tooo much. But I actually participated in the conversation for a little bit.. mostly talking about exchange, and differences between Canadian and Brasilian culture, stuff like how at home I do my own laundry, .. do dishes (ok I load the dishwasher.. my actual dish washing skills are lacking, I won´t lie), clean my own bathroom (on ocasion), work, and I´m (at least compared to the Brasilian 18 year olds I know) very independent. Kids here (well in the upper class... here its really.. the have and the have-nots... so the haves is who i live with, and know.. minus the maid.. etc) have maids, who do everything but dress them in the morning. Everyone was saying that Brasilian kids would have a hard time not having that, I don´t think they would... you just get used to it. Like I´ve gotten used to doing very minimal cleaning. We also talked about my trip I´m taking at the end of October.

This morning I asked my mom if my Mexican friend Vianey could stay over friday night, and she said yes, so Friday Vianey is going to come over after school, we´ll do.. something, and then Saturday we´re going to go to the beach! I´m going to try and get a proper brasilian bikin (top atleast) so I can get rid of some of the tan lines I have going on..

Yesterday, we went to the beach, one I hadn´t been to before, it was gorgeous!

Me prentending I´m a surfer at the beach yesterday. Hopefully in the summer I´ll take some surf lessons, and learn how to do that :) I´ve always wanted to, and now I have a chance!


my host dad and host sister

Friday we went and looked into Portuguese classes, which I´m going to start on Tuesday, I´m excited. I think its not so much that I can´t, its that I lack confidence, so hopefully this will help.

Wednesday was *dia de ciencias* all the classes from.. the Canadian equiavlent of grade 5 and up did presentations, my classes was on Global warming,

Dudo( a nickname.. I don´t no his actual name opps), Bruno, me, and Tais

Lu, me and Carol

All the girls in my class... I can´t dance, hence my lack of a skirt

Ivandro and I

Rest of the pictures from dia de Ciencias here

Dia de Sciences

and thats pretty much all thats happened recently, thats worth reporting. Here are some random pictures from... a few different things

Me, and host mom- the day my host brother (igor) left for Mexico, she was very sad

Me a bunch of Igors friends (who I didn´t/ don´t really know) and Igor, right before he left.. i think my red blazer kills his blue blazer.. blue is so over used.. lol

Me and a guy I go to school with whose name I don´t know (I´m really bad with names, here at least, and a lot of people just start talking to me because they know my name... you are known as an exchange student)

My trip is all booked and payed for. I leave on the 28th of October, and get back the 5th of November, I´ll also be moving families over that time. I finish school on the 13th of November, I´m excited for that. I´m going to see if in early December, or late January if I can get down to Itabuna to visit my friends there, or maybe go visit kids I meet on the Pantanal trip, so I can see other parts of Brasil, which would be really exciting, and cool.

So thats all to report from brasil! I´m going to buy some postcards this week, and get them off soon, I have adresses for a bunch of people... if your not sure I have yours email it to me at sheila(dot)elizabeth(at)gmail(dot)com and I´ll send you one too! and remember to check out the first post and find out how you can text me, and then text me!! It makes me happy :) as well comment here, just to let me kno your reading, thanks :)



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