Saturday, September 1, 2007

Soo on to my weekend, thus far at least.

Yesterday school= blah, we watched a movie *under the surface* espoisá d´agua in portuguese I think. It was ok, english subtitles>>>>>life lol.

Show was great fun.. fun Carnival-esque music, people really like to party here, so it was great! Hopefully we´ll go to more, it cost $R25 about $15 canadaian.. but it was worth it. Negra Cor was the band, it was at Bahia cafe hall.

Today we went to the beach.. my thighs are sunburned, I can feel it under my jeans... ewwy feeling... I´ll put some aloe on them later. It was fun, I ate cashews (which are huge here) freshly roasted. Yum. and fried cheese, also surpringly good, and had a drink with pineapple, it was sooo good.

This week we´re going a project at school... it involes us getting shirts... This week is also like mid-terms, so the exchange students get to leave at like 10am, cause we´re to cool to write exams. Friday is also a holiday, something about an independence Day... I´m not sure.. apperently people travel, but don´t think we´re going anywhere... maybe the beach

Well Time for bed!

Tchau Tchau!


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