Thursday, September 13, 2007

Sheila is going on a trip! At the end of next month I´m headed to the Pantanal. Its looking amazing, I´m soo excited, I can´t even describe.

Things have been ok here.. nothing to exciting, I´ve met all of the other intercambista in Lauro de Freitas now, they´re all super nice. In October we´re going to Salvador for the interact forum, I´m looking forward to it, we´ll get to see all the other intercambista from the district again, and Natalie, my friend from floria, who is living in Itabuna is going to lend my the 7th Harry potter Book... mostly I´m going to read it because I´ve read all the other ones, and why stop there...

I´ll try and get some pictures up this weekend, you can always check out my picasa site though, which can be found here <--Click



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