Saturday, July 28, 2007

Photos from my yesterday! A Day in the life of a Brasilian exchange student.

It was a pretty boring day.. normally I do a little more.. anyway... enjoy

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Mumm Sleep

haha oh my...

I have Harry Potter-esque abilities in fireballs?? Or was that Charmed?

Pretty Flip-flops

Mystery brown bag...

I give you breakfast...

All gine.. but yet I´m still hungry..

Time by the way- 6:15-ish

So I induldge in further calorie filled goodness.. in the form of a chocolatey powder that makes the milk yummy (they like their long shelf life milk here.. its just not the same as the stuff I get at home..)

Yup I´m awake.. Brushing the teeths

Bag, I like being the only person in my school with it.. not like at home where I´m one of.. every girl in the school

My shoes are MIA

I go on a hunt

i found them..:/

I have Canada socks.. not only are they patriotic they are also comfy!

Time is- 6:30

I sit down for a few minutes of a histroy channel documentry on the ancient Myans.. and their torturing.. something about ripping out peoples hearts, wonderful first thing in the morning... not

Books!! Peter Pan and Little Mermaid.. in Portuguese!! go me

Walking to the car, host dad and host-step-brother lead the way

On the road again... well the first time today... but you no.. same thing day after day on my way to school :/

At School- Time 6:50- Kill me now.. or let me go back to bed... either or

We are amused that there is a new (functioning) light switch

I do Physics! abd get the right answer to boot. Time is 9:40

Chocolate! Yummy

My German exchange friends, Katarina, and Anika


Friends at school..

My friend Tais and I

Class... fun?

Lu totally didn´t know I was taking this..

Yup I understand...:/

Time check 11:03 and cool fact. My city in Brasil is in the same time zone as where I live in Canada (Nova Scotia)!

Physics.. ahh fun...? not so much

Leaving school! 12:16

Walking the path to the parking lot

I´ll be back here later (Rotary Library where we also have interact)


Do You know the ice cream man?? well if not here he is

School billboard thinger

Dude, wheres my ride??

Palm tree.. there are lots of them here, but *fun fact* they are not native to Bahia (by-ee-a) (the state I live in here in Brasil)

Learn English from Canadians!! I drive by that sign at least twice a day, it makes me smile

this store has beautiful dresses, well from what I see in the window, I´ll go in some day

Host sister walking home from the gate

The pool is in that general direction, through the "Clube" where there are foozeball tables

My street

My House

Host mom chilling with the Salad

Host sister eating.. mumm beans

Pork Chop!! But no apple sauce... sad

All gone!

Mango smoothy...sort of icky.. I´m not a mango fan, well mango flavored things (Yogurt for instance) i like.. but actual mango.. well icky

Humm I wonder whats under here??


I like cake

Changed into shorts, note the whiteness that is my thigh

Checking the email

And watching some Veronica Mars


Me being bored, I was suppose to go out, but then My host mom couldn´t drive me.. so I stayed home. Sad

They´re building a house next door.. its loud

Time Check- 5:15-ish.. I had a nap VM ended at 4.. so I napped for an hour


We have a turtle!

My legs are good an beaten up.. and bitten, stupid bugs

Battle Star Galatica.. I only no this because one of them was like Cylon.. which is the only thing I know about Battle Star

My glasses are broken.. I´ve been meaning to get them fixed for weeks.. but just haven´t

Star Trek.. relaly this is making me out to liking Sci-Fi way more then I do, don´t get my wrong I enjoy it, but I prefer Gilmore girls, The Nanny, and Third watch..


Novela time.. think Passions, minus the magic, and more over the top dramtics.. fun.. I don´t understand much though

Dog.. peachy

History Channel.. fun.. its good because its in Portuguese and English

Mega cinstruction.. they´re beuilding a rig of some type... all time- 6:52

Ready for Interact.. and by ready I mean I put on a t-shirt because I was cold,. brushed my hair and put earrings in.. lots of prep work I know

7:46 we head out

I stealthy take this. Malu so didn´t know

School Again.. waiting

Towel for shower

More bread... its white bread,. gross

Shower Box as its called here

10:13 all ready for bed

But first I watched some of "The day after tomorrow".. a or "O dia proxima amanhã" lol

Good night

I´ll do another when i do something exciting


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