Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Well 9 days until I leave... 8 if you don't count today.. .actually in (almost) exactly 216 hours I'll be boarding my flight to Toronto!.. It seems so soon... but yet so far away; mostly because in the next week I'll Graduate from high school, go to prom/ safe grad, and pack!

I've been talking to my host family a little bit, mostly over MSN. Its a little frustrating, because I don't understand enough Portuguese to understand what they are saying and I can't respond to what they say in Portuguese. I'm sure it'll be fine once I'm there. I've been listening to a Brazilian Portuguese podcast, and I've learned a little bit... mostly weather. I find I can understand spoken stuff better then written.. verbal comprehension > visual comprehension

My room is more or less clean.... I have a pink floor.. I was unaware.. its always seemed to have been a combination of various colors from my wardrobe to me...*insert a harsh quip about my house keeping abilities here*

I started making pins today... So far I have 1. I'll post pictures later this week... as well as a time line of my packing adventure!

Well thats all for now...


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