Thursday, July 26, 2007

Well its been an interesting couple of weeks.

My portuguese is coming, I manage to talk to my host mom a little bit everyday... I understand most of what she says, if she talks slowly.. which doesn´t always happen.

School is well.. school. I do work in Bio and physics, mostly because I already know the stuff we´re doing. Other then that I listen to music, and read.. and try and learn portuguese.

I went to a party last weekend with the Canadians, it was lots of fun.

Hopefully this week I´ll be able to get out to the villas with them a few days.

My family here is really loud maybe because there is no carpet and the walls are all... brick? more of an echo.. I don´t know.. its frusterating, because I always seem to have a headache... Other then that they´re good. I like it here, but I´m also excited to get to live with other families.

Yesterday i went with my friend Tais to McDonalds, there was like.. a huge street party, it was crazy! Think you, and your 400 closest friends, fairly free flowing booze, and loud music. It was intense. Not to mention that probably more then half the kids were underage (18 here)... It wasn´t a situation I was particulary comfterable in, but it was fun.. part of the experience I guess.

I can´t think of anything else that anyone reading this will find interesting, so on to the pictures!

Most of the Canadian girls at the BBQ at Marcels last weekend, lots of fun!

Cool picture from last night...

My failed attempt to capture the crazyness of last night

So not to many photos this time around, definetly more next time. I think tomorrow I´m going to do "a day in my life" so you can all see what a fairly average day here is for me.



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