Saturday, July 7, 2007

well it´s been a swell couple of days,

Yesterday I went to my first Rotary function... and let me tell you, they are rarely a rockin´good time (interesting, but not always, earth shatteringly exciting) but when all you understand is hi, thank you, and rotary international... it becomes akin to watching Gilmore Girls ala Mr. and Mrs. McVomit, as Lauren puts it so affectionately. It as good after/ before the insane amounts of talking I did´t understand, I met a girl who is going to PEI on exchange this year, as well as a few other girls who had been on exchange, I think that I maybe going to see Harry Potter with one of them... whose name I cannot remember... Names are difficult here.. cause I can´t pronounce them, and I met so many people... it´ll get better I´m sure.

Food is good, I haven´t been sick at all... on Friday my stomach was a little weird after dinner, but I took a Tums and it was fine.

I watched Lost and Gilmore Girls ('S Wonderful, 'S Marvelous), yesterday, it´s good because all the TV i watch has subtitles, so I can understand and learn some Portuguese.

Well time for some reading, studying and podcast listening!


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